Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Palin double standard?

It is no secret that I've supported Obama well before he made it big
during the primaries. So you know my biases.

As the Palin "celebrity" status starts to wear off it is becomming
clear that she may have some issues about some of the things she has
stated. Time will tell. But...each day, as the Palin onion is peeled,
what is revealed is not exactly what we've been sold. We shall see.

That being said, I find it more than curious that the story at the
following CNN link is not getting more play. Does anybody remember the
nonstop crap Obama received about his pastor and the type of church he
attended. This CNN story should generate similar outrage....if we are
all going to be equals in dirty politics.

Why are people not talking about Palin's religious past with as much
fervor as they did about Obamas? I sense a double standard.

I urge folks to not be blown away by the early orchestrated
introduction of Palin to the public. Pay attention to emerging stories
that appear to reveal a more accurate picture. Someone a heartbeat
away from the presidency requires careful scrutiny.

Let's get over the Palin love fest and see what is reality.


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