Thursday, July 30, 2009

University Sao Francisco-Campinas

University where conference was held. Posted by Di

Pot o' gold in the city.

Off our hotel room balcony (7th floor) after a brief rainshower.
Posted by Diane

Kevins presentation room.

The room was packed by end of presentation. The applause was well

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From the Brazil Psych Assmnt conference

Ricardo Primo does his thing. Great host.

Kevin looking quite dapper! Posted by Diane


This little gadget is a dial (green=still hungry / red=full) that sits
on your table & signals to the meat servers if you want them to keep
offering you meat. Isn't that great - simple but effective. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buffet style

Meat @ buffets is commonly served as shown - service @ table
W/ all meats: every part of a cow including loins, heart, ribs, you
name it. Special forks to grab the falling meat. They run to ea table
offering. Amazing!

Hmmmmmm ?

Guess what this is (hint: mcgyver)

Friendly Brazilians

Super people @ quaint pizza joint & DELICIOUS pizza

Quaint pizza joint in campinas

Meal eaten partially by candlelight while they changed a light bulb-ya
gotta love it :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hard working man

Posted by Di. :)

Barry Manilow anyone?

Sent by Di

Di - with Christ the Redeemer

Brazil trip:

Sidewalk on Sunday Copacabana beach

Brazil trip

Sand castle structures populate the Rio beach. Some are amazing

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brazil trip: Dinner experience

Picture from the "menu" at restaurant tonight. To long to explain in
iPhone email. Ryan would have loved it

Brazil trip: View from treadmill at hotel-amazing

Brazil trip: Just walking the streets

Brazil trip: Amazing sand structure built by a local

Brazil trip: More from the beach

Brazil trip: big waves today

Brazil trip: More pics from our hotel

Brazil trip: Rio

We made to Rio. But it is bad timing. It is "winter" here. Pouring
rain the night we arrived and today their was no rain but no real sun.
But it is very beautiful. The cold weather and rain makes it feel like
the Oregon coast.

More pics to follow with few comments.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brazil trip: At Manaus airport waiting for plane to Rio

Brazil trip: More at the Manaus market

Brazil trip: Pirrehana (sp?)

A very tired Kevin by all the variety of pirrehana fish

Brazil trip: More at opera house

Beautiful wood flooring at ballroom at Manaus opera house

Brazil trip: Manaus opera house

Governors box at opera house

Brazil trip

Our favorite cruise guide Piro next to tree with face that had same
profile as he. He was amazing. He grey up in the Amazon Forrest and is
now a cruise tour guide who is bilingual and who has great musical
talent with local instruments.

Brazil trip: Largest fish in the Amazon

Brazil trip: Tarantulas

We saw a live one in the jungle on a day trek

Brazil trip: interior of local Manaus church

Brazil trip: Meat at Manaus market

Not quite the St. Joe meat market or meat dept. At Cashwise

Brazil trip: local flavor

Brazil trip: Brazilian nuts at Manaus market

Brazil trip

Michael our guide was excellent and the nicest guy with lots of
ambitions to help his city and peoples lives.

Brazil trip: At the Manaus fish market

Brazil trip: Monkey heaven

Brazil trip

Lady Di among the mountains of bananas at the Manaus market.

Brazil trip: Manaus market

All fresh fish meat and anything people need at thus river side
market. Extremely busy during morning. Everone gets their fresh stuff

Brazil trip

Here we are at square across street from Manaus opera house. Can you
see we are getting tan?

Brazil trip: Manaus opera house

We toured this yesterday. Beautiful inside.

Brazil trip: Di finds the square toilets interesting

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have been off the grid regarding any phone email services. We have
many great pictures to share (taken with the good camera and not the
iPhone) but won't be able to share those until much later. Boat back
near Manaus. Heading up river to visit some kind of old style rubber
production place. Then a special dinner and entertainment tonight. We
get off boat early tomorrow morning and will be on a day long personal
tour of Manaus. Then stay over night and fly to Rio tomorrow. Diane is
drafted a long series of notes to send when we have the time and a
stable Internet connection.

Cruise and the Amazon have been amazing.

Kevin McGrew PhD
Educational/Schoolh Psych.

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Brazil trip: Di meets indigenous children

Brazil trip: church at indigenous village