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Mom posing at baseball game. See cute baseball bat planter. When they planted the bats in spring they were only 4" tall.

Snapper Nation State Baseball tournament. Have you ever heard of Brownton MN. Me neither until today. I love these small southern MN baseball towns.

Mac may go hi-tech....hyperbaric chamber soon

Mac and I went to his regular would care clinic visit today. Below are pics of him waiting in the waiting room, sitting while the doctor works on his toe, and.....drum of the hyperbaric chamber he may soon be entering for 40-60 days of treatment (5 days a week) for 1.5 hours at a time. And, as you can see, he can watch TV or any DVD he might bring along. They do get the Golf he can lay and watch golf...AWESOME. Formal consult next Tuesday and then a decision.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Kevin - my love! Lovely flowers -thank you, always the thoughtful man. Also thank you for
4 years of laughing, loving & friendship. And thank you for asking me to marry you - I'd say yes again and again. Love, me
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Sometimes life just............

The morning in the life of an 88 year old WW II vet - personal (not professional) post

Today I accompanied my father to his annual physical at the VA. Tomorrow we visit the wound care clinic and then have a family conference at the nursing home with his doctor. Below is a photo-chronology of this typical day. I am proud of the old WWII vet coot.

First, arrival via limo (Care Cab)

Waiting for lab work. Lots of waiting at different stations :)

Vitals begin with nurse of his doctor.

Dr. Domingo (great VA doc) takes a peak.

And back in the limo to go home to the nursing home. Well done old man.

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Captain Mac Sparrow

> Big day for Mac. He invited Mary and I to his therapy and we saw him use his prosthetic. Staff said he is doing very well. Today he even used it with a walker. Very small baby steps but we are on the way to getting him independent from bed to wheel chair to BR. He was very proud of himself. I was too. As you can see Beth made a surprise visit also. Good day for Captain Mac Sparrow :)

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Too much sightseeing. :) posted by Di

Kevin relaxing at a sidewalk cafe about 1block from the Whitehouse. So we're waiting for our connecting bus to head to the Georgetown area, we've been sightseeing all day in 80+ temps, on the top of a double-decker bus, hot tired and swamp-ass sweaty. It was a pretty easy decision to blowoff Georgtown and enjoy an App & drinks at this comfy spot. Very swanky inside. Suppose it makes sense being so close to the White House. Posted by Di

We have had our fill of site seeing--time to relax and unwind near White House

Korean war memorial with 19 soldier statues--really cool

Jefferson Memorial drive by

DC-tomb of the unknown soldiers. The site is guarded 24-7-365. The guard paces back and forth about every 30 seconds. Turning and clicking his heels in exact precision. Wow-it's 89 degrees and humid today. We were going to stay and watch the changing of the guard, but it's too hot. The 3 graves, picked at random by the Defense Dept represents one soldier each from WW1,WW2 & the Korean war. "Known only to God" posted by Di

My Lady Di gets more lovely every day

More Union Station in DC

Awesome architecture at Union station DC