Monday, June 30, 2008

Windows of hope @ SJU

A photo I took a couple years ago at the chapel on the lake near St.
Johns University (SJU) just outside of St. Joe MN (Collegeville MN)

Floating tombstones in St. Joe MN

Three digitally enhanced tombstones ( to make them look like they are
floating) at the St. Joseph Parish cemetery in St. Joe MN. A very
quaint and peaceful cemetery that makes a person reflective.

Best cell phone service in St. Cloud

These folks always take care of my needs promptly and efficiently. Great service. Mention MOBILE IQ when you go in to see if they are aware they've been noticed.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tooth loss by state

Interesting chart on amount of teeth lost by states.

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Almost home

Great weather on drive back to St. Joe MN in I94.

Fargo ND Ho Do lounge and hotel

We are just returning from a quick trip to Fargo ND. We discovered a
great lounge for hanging and reading on a rainy afternoon. The Ho Do
at the renovated Hotel Donaldson. Next trip we want to stay there.
Neat upscale artsy funk atmosphere.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Coffee buzz: Coffee 101 basics

Wake up and smell/drink the coffee. According to this very good
article from I'm a coffee geek and proud of it. When I
go to a coffee house it is to have a cup of great coffee, possibly
with a touch of cream. On a rare occassion I'll try a latte. But I
draw the line there. I just don't understand spending 4+ dollars for a
special "coffee" drink filled with all kinds of other stuff. If a
person wants something that sweet they should go to an ice cream shop.
In my opinion nothing beats a great simple cup of Joe.

Click here to get back to the basics of coffee drinking.

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Beautiful bridge pictures

Click here to see 10 great bridge photos.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lower IQ linked to later dementia

PsychCentral has a news report of a new study linking IQ level and
education and dementia in adulthood.

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Jimmy's in Sauk Rapids MN

Already listed under "IQs da best." Mention MOBILE IQ as the source of your visit to Jimmy's--a location institution in Sauk Rapids, MN.


Local Blend again: Art decor for sale

I find that when I need to write, coffee shops are the best atmosphere for me. Today I'm at the Local Blend (again) in St. Joe. Another neat feature of the LB is that a number of local artists have their work on display (and purchase) on the walls. It makes for a cool atmosphere.

Ralph Nader: Go away

An opinion piece at the Huffington Post I agree with. Ralph Naders
time has come and gone. He should get out of the presidential race.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Todays cool idea: Motion based battery charger.

This makes sense. Charging a battery while engaged in body movement.
We need more such energy ideas. Read about it at Neatorama link.

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Radioactive chocolate

From Neatorama. At one time someone thought radioactive chocolate
would be a good product.

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US troops to receive cognitive screening

A good idea although a bit late for many of our troops.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Local Blend: Lunch update

I ate lunch at the Local Blend in St. Joe today. Had a great chicken salad on croissant. Had the carrots instead of chips...trying to stay healthy. Ymmmmm. Will have again.

Ciati's restaurant: Again

We went to Ciati's again last night. Just for appetizers. We again had, as one of our choices, the fried calamari and vegetables. Ymmmmmmm. Here is a picture. It is great.

Humor break: Where wool sweaters come from

Humor break: Baseball

Monday, June 23, 2008

Church of hicks

Mime-AttachmentRhonda Bullington snapped this photo somewhere in Arkansas. (Thanks, Rob Bullington!)

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Caribou buzz: Support the troops

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Casual mens clothes: Express

Just bought some very casual and VERY comfortable shorts @ the Express
@ Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud. Previously I purchased some very
comfortable pants. Very helpful and nice staff. Will be added to my
"da best" list when I get on my regular computer at home.

Mini Paris made of trash

From Boing Boing. My question is "why?"

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Book nook: Amazon's Best Books of June at

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Carbou buzz: Coolfest

Story explaining Caribou Coffees current CoolFest promotion. Click here.

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Chapel@St. Johns Univ lake

The empty old chapel at the SJU lake just West of St. Joe. Of course
this picture had some creative enhancement on my computer.

Fall beauty@SJU

Picture from two years ago of beauty of lake at St. Johns University
just outside of St. Joe MN. Taken in fall-my favorite time of year in MN

McGrew creek plus

Here is how things have shaped up in our backyard. McGrew Creek in
background. Lots of birds and critters (chipmunks and squirrels). We
sit and watch the natural order of live very frequently from our
screened porch.

St. Benedicts chapel in St. Joe. Mn

Just one of many architectural wonders on the gem of a campus at the College of St.

Stormy weather: Wavy power lines

A storm photo I took and enhanced via computer a couple years ago.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Power is out in St. Joe

Power went out in our little town about 10 minutes ago. Back to
candles. Thanks to mi iPhone I can still work the Internet.

More on brain fitness field

Another news report on the buzz in the field of brain fitness. Check link.

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Portable poop box

This is a post from Boing Boing "as is"
Next time you're camping, instead of digging a hole or using one of those suspect comfort castle port-a-johns to dispense with No. 2, why not infuse a little portability into nature's call with the Shit Box? It's completely cardboard, fully biodegradable, and utterly ridiculous. And yet, I'm drawn to it. I want to see if it can hold my weight (170 lbs., colon empty). I want to know why designer Richard Wharton named his talking poo mascot "Little Jack," and how the hell a company like this gets away with a returns policy page. But most of all, as a writer named Jack who also happens to go to the bathroom in the woods, I want to test one.

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Hennen's furniture: Home accessories

The best place in Central MN for decorative home accessories--Hennen's Furniture.

OMG: 23 pounds of newborns

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Cool Lego kit: From Neatorama

My son Chris was a Lego master as a child. He would have loved this. 

Lego's newest and coolest set is a 3,800 piece diorama of the Death Star from Star Wars. It builds 14 scenes and comes with 21 mini-figs. The finished size is 16 inches tall. You can pre-order this set beginning July 1st, and it will be in stores in September. The price is $399.99. Gizmodo has more details. Link

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Another Coke Mentoes moment

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Caribou buzz

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