Friday, October 29, 2010

Michell Bachman said what?

View this link and do some checking of the blog link and videos...and you will see why this nutcase needs to be defeated next week in MN.........please vote for T. Clark. I am embarrassed that M. Bachman is from MN.

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No hole in my head...but...........

Had my left eye checked today. Well over a year ago I had surgery to repair a macular hole in my left eye. I then developed a cataract (which happens in 80+% of cases of people who have the surgery I did..not big deal). Today I had things checked and the eye doc used technology to take this amazing picture of the back of my eye.

The dip in the surface is the macula....which is near the retina. If you look to the left side you can see a nice downward slope. At the green line a similar upward slope should be present....but as you can see, instead I have another dip. This is the macular hole that was repaired...and that hole is closed and fixed. But, I will always have a small blind spot in my vision due to this hole...but it is only noticeable when doing an eye there is a small line of gray the makes reading the middle letters on the charts impossible...a blind spot. But when both eyes are working my brain figures things out and I don't see the gray blind spot.

This is amazing technology....don't you think. These doctors are amazing.

If you are curious about the initial amazing surgery, you can view this procedure on You Tube....simply amazing.

My awesome BD presents from my lovely wife

My lovely wife, Lady Di, gave me three very special BD presents the past few days. First is my first ever bobble-head....of my favorite MN Viking.......Percy "show no mercy" Harvin. The Vikes are not off to a good start but Percy has been the most consistent stud on the team. He is "da man."

The second gift is first ever GPS........something I didn't know I needed but now know I did....and, Lady Di has been lost too often with her typical man who does not like to ask for directions.

The third gift? That is personal :)

Thanks lovely lady Di.....perfect gifts. And also thanks to all my family members for the other gifts and BD wishes.

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Birdwatching in Fall

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Birdwatching in Fall

A couple of my favorites from this weekend. We aren't particularly fond of grackles, (ask Kevin) but I have to admit they picture well. Looking at them up close, I can now see why all the birds fly away when they arrive.
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Presenting in Australia

I want to thank Aimee Velnoweth a psychologist from Australia for taking (and sharing) some pictures of me while I made one of my two presentations at the 2010 College of Clinical Neuropsychologists National Conference in Frematle, Western Australia (Sep 30 to Oct 02).  They were an awesome group and it was one of the better organized conferences I have attended/presented. In the first photo I am being introduced by Dr. Stephen Bowden from the University of Melbourne....a great researcher, scholar and all round good guy.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dapper Dan Mac

Dapper Dan Mac in his "sitting in the garage visiting with people" outfit. I hope these dressing genes are not genetic. Way to be an individual Mac.

Fall in St. Joseph MN

It is fall. Lovely warm/crisp weather. Notice the nice fall decorations by lady Di. Notice the lack of leaves on the lawn---only because I had just mowed/sucked them all up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A great welcome

I returned from Australia late Monday and was created by this. My lovely wife lady Di is da best. Thank you dear.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snickers too!

Ryan tried but Snickers wasn't to crazy about the leaves.

Fun with leaves.

Kids will be kids.

Leaves Leaves Leaves

Thx Ryan & Michelle-that's a lot of leaves!

Sports tragic and punk bag pipes in Fremantle

Last few hours in Fremantle, before catching flight to Sydney, was spent catching some REAL local ambiance.  The AFL Grand Final (like their Super Bowl) was I went to one of the local pubs, hoisted a beer (yes.....and it was good) and watched them go nuts.  I learned a new phrase...a "sports tragic".......a sports fan that lives and dies with their team through the good and the bad.  I've concluded that I am a Mn Vikings sports tragic....very appropriate label.  Finally, outside the bar was a punk bag pipe player performing.......only in Australia.  He was bloody good mate.

More Fremantle...a few more pics of Fremantel during my jog yesterday

Wonderul CNN conference reception outstide maritime museum in Fremantle two nights ago...awesome view

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Three flower girls - one in the wagon.

Cutest thing ever!! The littlest in the wagon was probably close to 1 year old. Everyone cooperated. :)

Wedding today!! Riley & Catie

Church is gorgeous as usual.