Friday, February 24, 2012

Two more from Opera of Philly--I wish Norm and Cliff were here with us ((Cheers fans )

Diane and Kevin get culture--opera at Philly Academy of Music

Lady Di at the famous eatery

Some handsome guy in front of Independence Hall got in my way of this pic. :)

A little bit of history: This is the Assembly Room in Independence Hall. The chair at the back of the room is the actual chair that George Washington sat in. Ben Franklin noted the design of the wood and didn't know if it resembled a sun rising or setting. After he signed the Dec of Ind he decided it was a sun rising. It was named the sunrise chair thereafter. Isn't that cool?

This room was the 1st House of Representatives.

I'd never thought of it before, but Washington DC. did not exist at the time we declared our independence. Philadelphia was where our government existed for several years.

Awesome Bohemian coffee shop

The competition across the corner

One more

Wise motto

Philly architecture

Little Italy in Philly

Kevin too

Diane enjoys authentic Pat's Philly Cheesesteak sandwich

Reading Terminal Market in Philly

Good times and good friends in Philly.

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