Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have been off the grid regarding any phone email services. We have
many great pictures to share (taken with the good camera and not the
iPhone) but won't be able to share those until much later. Boat back
near Manaus. Heading up river to visit some kind of old style rubber
production place. Then a special dinner and entertainment tonight. We
get off boat early tomorrow morning and will be on a day long personal
tour of Manaus. Then stay over night and fly to Rio tomorrow. Diane is
drafted a long series of notes to send when we have the time and a
stable Internet connection.

Cruise and the Amazon have been amazing.

Kevin McGrew PhD
Educational/Schoolh Psych.

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Unknown said...

Dear Dr. McGrew. This is Ricardo Primi form IBAP organization committee. Soon we are going to meet you here in Campinas. Nice to know that you are enjoying Brazil. Nice pictures.I myself don't know the amazon forest yet! so I will enjoy to see the pictures. Looking forward to met you here in IBAP's convention. Have a good trip to Rio enad Campinas. Best. Ricardo.