Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama Update: Minnesota Heartland Change Tour

Join the Heartland Change Tour The Minnesota Heartland Change Tour is now in its final stretch, and the groundswell of support we're feeling across Greater Minnesota has been incredible.

In coffee shops, living rooms, and community centers across the state, folks are coming together to share their stories, help shape the campaign, and start working in their communities. We're talking about the issues and the ideas that will once again reward the hard work and innovation of these towns.

From talking to teachers in Owatonna about investing in education, to discussing energy independence at a cutting-edge biomass facility in Morris, to sharing ideas about developing a modern communications infrastructure in New Ulm, Minnesotans have come out to take ownership of this campaign and their future.

Learn more about the stops we've made, the people we've met, and where we're headed.

We're hearing from Minnesotans from stop to stop and everywhere in between.

Whether it's someone coming up to us in a corner store, or a supporter approaching us in a parking lot, Barack's message of change is resonating with people who are tired of Washington's failed policies and the cynical politics that have left small towns and communities behind.

They're coming out because they know that the only way to bring the change we need to rural America is not from the top down in Washington, but from the bottom up in their own towns and communities.

Find out more about where this tour has been, where it's going, and join us in bringing change to Minnesota:



Jeff Blodgett
Minnesota State Director
Obama for America


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