Thursday, September 11, 2008

More scary stuff about Palin

Palin's first chance to speak without being protected by scripted
speech bytes and handlers confirms my suspicions (see link below).
Heck...I know what the Bush doctrine is. She doesn't!!!

Given Mcain's age and the chilling fact that the VP is a heartbeat
away from being president, I am flabbergasted that folks are excited
about this lady being VP.

I like Mcain. I was hoping he would be the Republican nominee instead
of Bush way back. If he had chosen Leiberman as his VP, as he wanted,
I would have given the ticket serious consideration. But...John caved
into the social conservative base. This important decision clearly
makes one wonder about Mcain's "maverick" image. He may have been a
maverick in the past...but he is no more.

Palin as potential president? God help us.

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