Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mac the mobile music man

Mac is getting back into his music. Today I bought him a small boom box and gave him some instructions. When set he was eager to head out to the rest of the nursing home with his Dixieland music at a loud level to share. We had to figure a way for the boom box to not drop while he used his hands to move the wheel chair. So we found an old Velcro strap from his "stump shrinker" and we secured it to his wheel chair on his lap. He was then off to spread some tunes. Awesome. He had a certain place he wanted to go and sit and play his tunes...hoping, I think, to have other people stop and listen and chat. The old coot has spunk. Best wishes to the rest of the Good Shepherd staff and patients.....he is on a mission :)

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