Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mac, Mary and Lady Di on MM's first non-medical related outing :)

We made it to the River Boat Depot. Getting Mac in and out of the car was not a big deal. Just used the wheel chair to get him to the car, then he stands up with the walker and slowly rotates until can sit in the front car seat. Just reverse the process on the way back. All done without any major slips.

M/M enjoyed themselves. It was their first public outing together without being at a clinic or being transported by Care Cab. They enjoyed their food. And, we let Mac have two Brandy Alexanders and his desired shrimp.

The simple things.

I think this can now be an option for all. One needs to notify the staff before taking him out of the building and let them know when he returns.

His cognition was great tonight...much better than the disappointing visit to the VA for the motorized wheel chair when he could not recall much at all. So...if he can be like this the day he is examined, he might pass.

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