Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama endorsement rationale from a relative

I received this message from my father, who received it from one of my, who I believe, has probably been a Republican most of his life. It is a well articulated summary that obviously reflects a systematic and reflective review of the major issues. It summarizes much of my feelings...which I don't article half as well.


A week from now we will know !!!!!!!!
Hi Everyone,
Over the last few months I have seen hundreds of notes regarding the political campaign for president. I usually read them as I like to hear all points of view. My opinion is that some of the info I have received is so virulent that it just simply doesn't make sense to me.
I believe that the fundamental tenets of this nation are our beliefs in equality and equal opportunity. We didn't have it right at the start regarding equality with some people getting 3/5's of a vote, some people getting no vote, and we corrected it. I hope that we don't look at people that are different from us and assume there is something basically evil, because there isn't.
I wanted to let you know that I have decided to support Barack Obama. I didn't want my lack of response to notes that I have been copied on to indicate my support for those views, and I am supporting Senator Obama for the following reasons:
1. The United States needs to improve it's standing in the world. We cannot lead the world alone. It takes the support of the people from many nations. We don't need the go-it-alone, tough guy, no talking approach anymore.

2. The middle class needs help. Growing the economy helps, but during the last 25 years the top 5% of earners have received all the gains. The very top of the ladder got extremely rich at the expense of the large middle class. The government has a responsibility to correct irresponsible capitalism, and it can be corrected.

3. Our country is in a financial mess, now. There is an idea a day coming from both camps. However, I do believe that Senator Obama has moved to garner a wide range of economic advisors and is approaching the problem more logically and more calculating.

4. Alternative energy must be developed and it must stay a high priority even at varying prices of oil. We consume 25% of the oil with 3% of the reserves.

5. The health care system isn't working. Yes, I can access wonderful medical practices but we have nearly 50 million who can't and many are children. I would be willing to pay a little more to support correcting that situation.

6. Finally, I think there are people like Senator Obama who can inspire people to do more for the country. I think he is the right person for this time much like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan were for their time. They inspired the nation when it needed it.

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