Friday, October 3, 2008

I concur with CNN poll of Biden-Palin VP debate

The CNN poll results summarized at the link below confirms my
conclusions from watching the entire VP debate last night.

I give Palin credit for being charismatic and not committing any major
gaffes. But the poll of those who watched the debate clearly saw Biden
as more qualified, more intelligent, better informed and the clear

Palin needs many more years of seasoning and knowledge acquisition
(versus demonstrating excellent abilities to memorize scripted
responses) before being considered as a national leader.

Be careful. The last time the voters fell for someone with Joe six-
pack charm, a wink and a smile, combined with little expertise in
national and international matters, we got the current incumbent-Bush
lite. Yes- folks felt that he was one of them and could have a beer
with him. Look where it got us.

Palin as a choice reflects the poor judgment of McCain. Palin as VP
scares the hell out of me.

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