Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life is grand for MN sports fans !!!!

Monday night the Farve led Vikings beat the cheeshead Packers from Wisconsin. Tonight the Twins, after winning 17 out of 21 games in a pennant run, beat the Tigers in extra innings to go to the playoffs.  Hot damn!!!!!  It is a great time for MN sports fan. Could this be the  year of a joint Super Bowl and World Series involving MN teams? If  yes, I can die after the seasons as a happy man.

Go Vikes and Twins!!!!

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Joe said...

Yes, it's remarkable. As an adopted MNan, I have been gradually sucked into Vikingosis, although, as a lifelong Redskin fan, that's been easier to resist. The Twins, though, (former Washington Senators) have had me interested for a long time, and the Saints won my heart before I ever lived here. But you're right - the last week or so, including the games in TCF Stadium, have awoken the hearts of most sports fans whose zip codes start with a 5, and especially a 55.