Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Future work station?

A glimpse into the future of work? The work station of the future? Another crazy idea of IQ McGrew?

Tomorrow I have eye surgery to repair a macular hole that I've had in my retina for 10 years. As I've shared, the hardest part is the recovery. A gas is inserted inside the eye to form a bubble that puts pressure on the repaired area...much like a cast. Since the air bubble more-or-less makes my eye a human level (yes....I've heard the joke about how I could be used to level pictures, shelves, etc.), I must keep my face and eyes pointed towards the ground for 3-4 days. Of course, the first day will likely be spent sleeping (face down) in la la land due to meds. But after that it may be tough to not go crazy.

So..........I've put together the following recovery/work/entertainment station. It consists of a portable massage chair (which they recommend) where I can place my face in the downward position. I can thus, depending on how things go with an eye-patch, and later with blurred vision in the recovering eye, look down and read books, magazines etc.

Even more exciting are the three screens visible in the picture below. It may be possible to work on my primary computer (on table) or to do some work via the netbook computer immediately below the head piece. On the chair is a portable DVD/CD player for watching videos (placed where the netbook is) or listening to an audio book I have for this fun time. Down on the floor (the image with the glare) is a small TV....so I can watch NCAA March Madness, MSNBC, etc. And....stacked on the chair and ledge will be various reading material.

Here is view that shows the TV.

Below is a direct view of the netbook...from which I hope to catch up on reading various journal articles in PDF format. This is how my world view shall be....unless I'm sleeping (which I will likely do a lot)

So...if you start to get mass quantities of emails from me, see many blog posts, etc...it means I'm feeling well and I may have discovered the future of efficient working (all one would need to add is an IV coffee drip and a cath tube and waste bag). Who knows...maybe I'll be more productive than I've ever been.....but I tend to doubt it. Most bets are on me simply watching TV, DVDs, listening to B. Obama's audio book and sleeping. But we shall see...it may start a workplace revolution.

"Eye" shall return.

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